Hacked By Hatoki

Thứ ba - 23/01/2024 08:46
<title>Checked By Shyko Security</title>  <style type="text/css"> @import url("https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kelly+Slab"); body { background-color: black; color:white; font-family:Kelly Slab; font-size:14px; } img { opacity:0.5; } img:hover { opacity:1; } a { text-decoration:none; color:#FFFFFF; } a:hover { text-decoration:none; color:red; } x{ color: red; } @keyframes fade { from { opacity: 1.0; } 50% { opacity: 0.5; } to { opacity: 1.0; } } @-webkit-keyframes fade { from { opacity: 1.0; } 50% { opacity: 0.5; } to { opacity: 1.0; } } .blink { animation:fade 0.5s infinite; -webkit-animation:fade 0.7s infinite; } </style> <style>         body{             background-image:url(https://i.pinimg.com/originals/73/62/75/7362759c02faa8997f142569eeffd872.gif);             background-size:1;             background-attachment: fixed;         }         p{             color:white;         }     </style> <body><center><table height="80%" width="100%"> <br> <br> <br> <td align="center"><img src='https://i.imgur.com/bmVDMQk.png''="50"><br><font class="blink" face="Kelly Slab" size="10"><i> <b> Checked By <x> Shyko Security </x> </x></i><br><font size="6"> <br><hr>Our target is you, you have no chance to escape from us, your website was hacked not because you are stupid, because we love you so we want to warn you about a serious security hole. , protect your website.<br></x><hr> <br> Greezt : <br> <br>- HaToKi Security | Shyko Security | Bounty Hunter - <center> <br> <br> <button class="lagu" onclick="play();liat();"><font face="Pacifico" size="5" color="black">Play</font></button> <button class="lagu" onclick="pause(); liat();"><font face="Pacifico" size="5" color="black">Pause</font></button> <br><br> <form method="post" action=">        <button type="submit"></button>    </form> <audio id="lagu" src="https://b.top4top.io/m_1640luy5y0.mp3"></audio> </audio> <script> function play(){ var audio = document.getElementById('lagu'); audio.play(); } function liat(){ document.getElementById('galiat').style.visibility='visible'; } function pause(){ var audio = document.getElementById('lagu'); audio.pause(); } function liat(){ document.getElementById('galiat').style.visibility='visible'; } </script> </td></tr></table></center> </body></html>

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